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some brokeback art :)

Hi there!

I hope you are all fine. I'm pretty much wasted at the end of the week. It's only the first week after autumn vacations and I'm already exhausted :D

Anyways. One year ago or something I made an icon that is shown as my userpic for this entry and cornflake2912 asked me to create the same effect on the bigger picture. I did and I wanted to share the result with you, too, and my thoughts of it :)

All the BbM-Fans now this scene (by heart ;) ). It's got a great importance for the movie, because after Jack died Ennis visits Jack's parents. In Jack's former children's room he finds the blue shirt and also his own one he wore on Brokeback Mountain and it's still got the blood spots from their fight on its sleeve.
One shirt is put into the other one and that kind of stuff...blahblah. As I said, we all know it by heart ;)
When Ennis takes the shirt and wants to keep them he also keeps a part of Jack. By that he also kinda admits his feelings for him, don't you think?

This picture carrys the message of the scene and I wanted to underline it by only making the shirt in color. Since the colored spot shows only Jack's shirt it can also mean that he is still alive in the hearts of the ones who loved him.
It's a beautiful shot but sad at the same time. You are free to interpret this different ;P

by me

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